R4 Card

The R4 Card

The R4 is a terrific add on for your Nintendo DS and DS lite. Once the R4 or R4i is connected to your machine you will open up a whole new world and add amazing power and new capabilities to your DS or Ds lite.

The R4/R4i card is an adaptor that allows the connection of a micro SD memory card to your Nintendo Ds or Nintendo Ds lite. If, for example, you need a convenient way to transport all your movies, music, photos and games then the R4 card is for you or you could use the R4 as a back up storage device for all your games and media files for peace of mind. We have this great little device available in two versions, namely , the R4 Card and the R4i card.

Connect the R4 or R4i to your computer, install the software and that's it, you can now start transferring your files to your micro SD memory card.

There are so many features to this device including drag and drop from your PC to the SD card also the R4 Supports SD cards up to a massive 32GB all this and still only the size of a Nintendo game cartridge.

April 9th

R4 Card Features

R4 Cards or R4 Revolution or R4 DS are devices for the Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DS or Nintendo Dsi. With the help of these devices you can play games, read books, play music to name a few. The R4 card is of the same size as a routine Nintendo DS cartridge. You will find a slot at the R4 cards' back for inserting a Micro SD card. The Micro SD card comprises of firmware, applications, and games, MP3's to name a few. Now, you would certainly want these features in your R4 card.

After the completion of the booting process you will receive a menu with your R4 card. With the help of this application you may select from Multimedia or Games. You can play homebrew games with the help of this card. In addition to this, you can also save a couple of games which you personally own. You can also save movies or MP3's here.

R4 cards were initially introduced by the R4 cards team. These are the same group of people who introduced the Nintendo DS R4 card in the year 2007. NDS R4 Card's top includes a small slot that allows you to insert a Micro SD card. However, the team members experienced a couple of technical problems and because of this they were compelled to introduce a new version named as the "R4v2 Card". But then, with time, this card was replaced by advanced versions like R4 SDHC or the NDS R4 Card.


What is the r4 card?
The r4 card allows you to back up store games, music and videos for use on your Nintendo Ds , Ds lite or Dsi console.